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Concept Map of Organic Chemistry I

This is a concept map for all of the concepts in Organic Chemistry I, the 1st semester of the 2 semester sequence.  The order, though, is based on mechanisms, not functional groups. The green ovals are the overall learning goals of the class, the red rectangles are the skills that the students need (and that I have videos for).  In the top half are all of the concepts in the course in the order they are taught in the class. The original scale of this file is Poster size.

Interventions in a Flipped Organic Chemistry Class that Lead to Higher Learning

James Lamblin, Anja Mueller
Author Affiliation: 
Central Michigan University

This project involves a flipped two-semester Organic Chemistry lecture that uses active and collaborative learning.  A variety of interventions were used to help students study more effectively and learn on a higher level instead of rote memorization.  The most effective interventions will be described.  Qualitative and quantitative data shows improved metacognition and study habits of the students.  An increase in group skills was effective in raising grades for some of the students.  

Exam Wrapper (Self-Reflection Exercise)

Laurie S. Starkey
Cal Poly Pomona

A metacognitive "exam wrapper" to be given after the first midterm, focusing the student’s attention on three areas:
• How did I prepare for this exam?
• What kinds of mistakes did I make?
• What will I do differently next time?
Student instructions: By taking a step back and thinking about the way you learn, you can improve your learning! An "exam wrapper" survey will guide you through an exercise in self-reflection, with the goal of improving your performance on the next exam.