NMR spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Scrabble

This is a game to practice predicting spectra from the structure of a compound (IR, MS, 1H and 13C NMR).  Students build structures on the board with the random bond and atom pieces they draw.  They then draw a card that tells them which spectroscopy they need to predict.  Correct predictions earn points.Please contact Anja Mueller (muell1a@cmich.edu) for any copyright questions.

Using TOCSY-NMR to analyze a menthone/menthol mixture resulting from partial oxidation of menthol by Oxone.

Elisabetta Fasella (1), M. Cristina Tettamanzi (2)

The green oxidation of borneol and menthol using Oxone has been incorporated in a senior level chemical synthesis laboratory for the past two years. While the oxidation of borneol proceeds to completion in one hour, 1 the oxidation of menthol is incomplete under the same conditions. Analysis of the menthol-menthone mixture is facilitated by use of selective TOCSY NMR.2

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