Organic Chemistry I (Specifications grading)

Lenoir-Rhyne University

This course uses specificiations grading, assessing students on how well they master the student learning objectives outlined by the instructor.

Student Learning Objectives:The student outcomes are grouped into essential outcomes, which every student will master in order to pass the class, and general outcomes, which will determine a student’s passing grade.

Essential Outcomes:

  1. Drawing Lewis Dot Structures
  2. Interconverting Lewis Dot Structures, Condensed Formulas, and Line-Angle Structures
  3. Identifying and Explaining Charge Stability
  4. Drawing Reaction Mechanisms (Acid-Base, Substitution, Addition, Elimination)
  5. Predicting Reactive Sites

General Outcomes:

  1. Classifications and Comparisons of Bonds and Angles
  2. Indicating Stability of Cycloalkane Conformations
  3. Identifying and Designating Chirality
  4. Classifying Isomeric Relationships
  5. Using Advanced Nomenclature I
  6. Predicting Relative Acidity and Basicity
  7. Understanding Single-Step and Multistep Substitution and Elimination
  8. Predicting Reaction Mechanisms and Products (SN2/E2/SN1/E1)
  9. Predicting Products of Advanced Substitution Reactions
  10. Identifying Reactants and Reagents for Substitution and Elimination Reactions
  11. Understanding Electrophilic Addition Reactions
  12. Predicting Products of Advanced Addition Reactions
  13. Identifying Reactants and Reagents for Addition Reactions
  14. Biochemical Application of Organic Chemistry

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